Travel with your senses at Château Larrivet Haut-Brion!

Oenotourisme Larrivet Haut BrionDiscover a wine estate in an enchanting setting, at only 15 minutes from Bordeaux: 75 hectares of vines, 13 hectares of park, a building dating from two centuries and a unique garden in the world: the Jardin d'Ivresse - which is the first garden dedicated to the world of wine.

We tell you everything at Château Larrivet Haut Brion! We go back in the history of the property by discovering through the visit the philosophy that drives the owners and the how-know carried everyday by the men and women of Larrivet Haut Brion. This invitation to travel is one of the essential values of the property and we quickly take off! Because before the end of the visit, the 'elsewhere' desire is in your mind as the wish to repeat this unforgettable experience!

A sensorial wine tourismOenoutourisme vigne Larrivet Haut Brion

The visitors of Château Larrivet Haut Brion are invited to experience a unique sensory experience, the priority of the wine tourism team is to place the wine lover at the center of its visits and no matter of their knowledge level. Here, epicureans are asked to live an original experience to go beyond the fix idea of wine. The idea is finally to use another tasting language, based on creating emotions.
One of the property's essential services is their "Escale Gourmande", playful, it offers an original approach to develop surprising food and wine pairings (which can easily be reproduced at home). Over time the wines evolve and the agreements are brought to change. This gourmet service is also an opportunity to discover new accompaniments depending on the vintages tasted.
To offer personalized services to their customers and wine lovers that respond to their expectations, the team has been developing partnerships with hotels and agencies in the region for several years, in order to offer more qualitative services to visitors who want it.
Wine tourism at Château Larrivet Haut Brion is also breathing, and take a moment to get away while exploring in the 13 hectare park. Visitors are often tempted by the bucolic picnic in the heart of the vineyards, to discover regional products served with the estate's wines, for a moment of pure simplicity!

Interview with Alexandra Monfort, Wine Tourism Manager at Château Larrivet Haut Brion.

WTB: What is wine tourism for you? Why do you open your property and which visitors would you like to receive?
“Wine tourism is a way to discover the wine differently, to understand everything around the product and not only in the bottle. At the end of the visit, customers often tell us "we don't realize what it is all takes to create a wine, we will never drink it the same way again". By coming on site, they meet the people who work on the property on a daily basis, so it is an opportunity to share the passion that drives them and their know-how.
In sum, oenotourism increases the reputation of our wines by giving them a soul, a philosophy.
More than a desire to diversify the property’s activities, the spirit of welcome and sharing has always been part of the values defended by the owners, Philippe and Christine Gervoson.”
Picnic Larrivet Haut Brion


WTB: What activities set you apart from other properties in the area?
  • "Oenofolies" by Emilie Gervoson  
More than an outstanding tasting, the Oenofolie is a sensorial travel linking exception, exploration and delight in every edition.
This special occasion, designed for wine lovers and curious it permit to discover and enjoy differently wines of high quality in an unusual and private universe.
  • Le jardin d'Ivresse: the first vegetal creation entirely dedicated to wine.
This dreamlike space, designed around the analogy of wine and gardens, invites lovers of nature and great vintages to discover a unique vegetal setting.
WTB: Do you have a little story about your estate? (linked to the wine tourism activity or the history of the property)
“The wine Les Demoiselles de Larrivet Haut-Brion refers to Emilie, Charlotte and Valentine, the daughters of the owners Philippe and Christine Gervoson.
In the park, you will find a unique rose, "Les Demoiselles de Larrivet Haut-Brion", on the path to the Jardin d'Ivresse.
Somewhere in the property, you will find a unique rose created by the Meilland Richardier House in 2013 to honour the couple's three daughters. This rose was naturally renamed "Les Demoiselles de Larrivet Haut-Brion", you will find it on the way to the Jardin d'Ivresse...
This summer we will reveal to visitors a new tour around the 5 senses that will take place in the 'Garden of Ivresse': "we taste a garden like a tasting a wine..."
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