The heritage of a cultural inheritance in the heart of an exceptional terroir

Chateau VillemaurineChâteau Villemaurine is located on the limestone plateau of Saint Emilion, an exceptional terroir, and close to the medieval town of Saint Emilion. The property has underground stone quarries (galleries on 4 different levels) used as ageing cellars.

If you are fascinated by history, peppy by exploration and not afraid of the dark, then try the experience at Château Villemaurine!

Villemaurine is undeniably one of the inimitable estates where you can cruise a part of the history of the Bordeaux region and discover a new side of Saint-Emilion. Its unique location for vineyards of the region at the entrance of the old town, lets you imagine what abounds under the ground of this original style property, which combines modernity and heritage while gaining in functionality for the daily work of men. 

View of Chateau VillemaurineGo through the different periods and the advances which have shaped the history of the Bordeaux region. In Villemaurine, you will undeniably discover all the specificities of their winemaking techniques but also all the tools and the equipments that the men of the vineyard use every day to transmit an exceptional and unique know-how to their great wines.

Fans of stalagmitic, stalactites, underground limestone, humidity and discoveries of all kinds, must come and discover the hidden side of Château Villemaurine! Through the Heritage visit you will walk through the heart of the old town and you will discover some of the thousands of underground galleries present almost everywhere under the soils of the appellation. Their stories won’t have any secrets for you!

One of my favourite steps of the visit at the Château Villemaurine is probably the break we make on the terrace of the main building. You arrive on a vast terrace which overhangs the vineyard of the estate and where you can see the relics of the old viticulture methods.


Interview with Karine Hue, Wine Tour Manager at Chateau Villemaurine

WTB: What is wine tourism for you? Why do you open your property and which visitors would you like to receive?
“Château Villemaurine develops its capacity of reception at the property to develop its branding and its notoriety with the wine lovers and the professionals of the wine sector. Visitors and influencers (Tour Operators, agencies, Tourist Offices) will always be the best and most loyal ambassadors of our wines. We would like to develop the direct sales of our wines thanks to the different visiting experiences that we offer.”

WTB: Do you work with local actors (restaurants, hotels, or others)? If so, what does it add to your offer? What gain for the quality of your service?
“We work with restaurants, hotels, guest houses, agencies, Tour Operators, wine merchants, Tourist Office... Because it is these actors who are prescribers and who will recommend or book visits for their customers to Château Villemaurine. Customers who have been able to discover our wines during a tasting at one of our wine-cellar partners, come afterwards and make direct purchases in our shop... We are proud to be part of such an attractive and dynamic appellation where many tourism actors develop activities to attract a large target of customers. “

Heritage Visit Chateau VillemaurineWTB: What would you like the visitors to remember when they leave?
“The best compliment you can get from a client: ‘thanks to all your explanations I understand better all the work required to produce a Grand Cru Classé. I will no longer taste the wines in the same way. I have a clearer understanding of the price of the bottle. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.’

We hope that Château Villemaurine (property and wine) will be associated to an excellent moment of relaxation, discovery, sharing, learning, and beautiful tastings. Moments that can be relived and shared in the future.”



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